Volcano project:

The children have been showing a lot of interest and curiosity learning about different aspects of volcanoes. After watching some educational videos about existing volcanoes that currently exist in the world, we discussed how volcanoes grow and how and why volcanoes erupt.

By discussing this as a group, the children were asking a lot of interesting questions such as “What is lava?” “Where does the smoke come from?” “Is lava hot?” and “Why is lava hot?”. Also, by further discussing and researching volcanoes, the children have learnt new key words such as lava, crust, magma and eruption.

Moreover, some of the children have made their own representation of volcanoes by using different colours of paint, paper, brushes, textures, (ie: clay, sand and soil) cardboard, glue, sellotape, transparent plastic coloured sheets and ribbons.

Additionally, some of the children decided to represent some sea animals at the bottom of the volcano by using different colours of paint, sequins, shells and felt pens.

This volcano project supported the development of creativity, imagination, curiosity, language, communication and problem solving as well as stimulating research, questioning science and learning about the natural world.

Thank you to all the children who have initiated and participated in this amazing project!