Creative CPD Training Lecture & Workshop

Creative lecture & workshop materials

Creative CPD Training on this inspirational approach to early year’s education is delivered through the combination of a Creative Lecture & Workshop. The Lecture, which will cover the main educational principles, is followed by a hands-on creative workshop in which educators can gain practical experience of the Reggio Emilia approach.

The lecture I deliver consist of introducing and explaining the historical and pedagogical background of Reggio Emilia by showing all the different creative projects that I have done with the children in Reggio Emilia. After the lecture I organize a creative workshop which displays a wide range of materials (ie: re-cycled material, boxes, foil, buttons, straws, sea shells, stones, dry flowers, wine corks, clay, wooden spoons, cotton, mirrors, feathers, metal, lights etc…) in order to show practitioners how to use different types of materials and textures. Therefore, your staff or early year’s educators will have the opportunity to share and apply their new found knowledge and skills with the children in their own setting. Furthermore, attending this Creative CPD Training session will inspire interest and give educators the necessary skills to promote change.

If you would like to give a new educational experience and further enhance the knowledge of your staff and benefit the creativity of children attending your setting, please contact me for lecture & workshop booking and fees.