Professional Experience

My professional experience as an early year’s practitioner in Reggio Emilia reinforced my devotion to valuing and developing children’s creativity in early year’s education. My objective is to share this professional experience with other educators in order to develop further partnerships, social networks and finding new ways of researching children’s creativity in the field of early year’s education.

I am currently providing this CPD training for the city of Edinburgh council and I am a CPD provider for learning and teaching Scotland. I am also a consultant member of the Sightline Initiative educational network which promotes the Reggio Emilia approach in England. I have been recently invited to deliver talks for early year’s conferences (ie: Birmingham Aston university) as well as for the Scottish Care Commission. I deliver in-house training for nurseries throughout Scotland.

The Italian culture demonstrates a profound respect for children—and for childhood—and the way in which it is put into educational practice in the preschools of Reggio Emilia has captured the minds of educators worldwide. For all children, both the process and the products of their learning are taken seriously, giving a dignity to children’s work that is often lacking in other preschools The Reggio Emilia schools of Italy raise awareness about the connections between culture and educational practices that are different from our own. Many educators and researchers have visited Italy to observe this approach first hand and have conducted research and written about what educators can learn from this approach

If you are interested in this creative CPD training or would like any further information on the philosophy and educational practice of Reggio Emilia please do not hesitate to contact me to arrange a meeting.