Interactive session with UAE practitioners from Dubai

A very interesting and interactive session today with UAE practitioners from Dubai who demonstrated a high degree of passion and commitment to working and listening to the children in their care. We discussed the importance of observation and documentation as well as exchanging different ideas on how to nurture children’s learning and creativity.

In addition to this, during the zoom session, the attendees discussed and expressed their own opinion about the pressure that they are experiencing by following a curriculum, which can be very challenging for children who are not ready to tick boxes. Furthermore, we discussed the importance of not having any expectations from the children but instead, give the children the freedom to choose what they want to learn and the freedom to do it at their own pace.

It is essential to be aware of the fact that these children are putting all of their trust into us and therefore, we have a duty of care to give them the best start in life by respecting their choices, views and personality.