Exploring and representing the colours of the Autumn and Winter season.

The whole project started as the children showed a strong interest in learning about how to make some of the colours that they could see whilst playing outside in the garden.

Therefore I organised a workshop with a wide range of colours, paints and natural textures for the children to mix and find out how they could make these colours by themselves. Then we discussed about the different  names and  colours of the trees, the leaves and the sky.  Whilst talking to each other, some of the children started to talk about the colours of the forest and some of the other children started to talk about the colours in the North Pole by saying that the North Pole is white, grey and sometimes pink.

Clay north pole 2 North poles 'I dont know' lantern and all pieces
Cara's Tree The Forest Aine's Tree Autumn Colours
Forest Foil North pole Elsie's North pole

After our discussion some of the children made their own representation of a forest using natural resources such as small and long branches, dried leaves, stones and clay. Some of the other children made their own representation of the North Pole using different open ended resources such as clay, coloured  buttons, coloured sequins, corks and sheets of foil.

This project supported the concepts of creativity, curiosity, interaction, researching and being inquisitive about the world, which reflects some of the learning principles of the philosophy of Reggio Emilia.

Fantastic and very creative project.