Creative CPD Session at Sligo university

Reggio Emilia session for the 2nd and 4th year degree students in early years education.

Sligo University (Ireland) invited me as a speaker to deliver a Reggio Emilia presentation in order to share and show to the students all the creative projects that I have done with the children in one of the Reggio Emilia nurseries.


Whilst doing the presentation all the students showed a lot of enthusiasm and interest during the talk and also i have to say that this presentation gave the students the opportunity to understand in depth the philosophy of Reggio Emilia and most importantly helped the students to see how to put some of the learning principles of Reggio Emilia philosophy into practice.

I was delighted to give a talk to these young Irish students and hopefully I will go back to Ireland in the near future to inspire and share my passion with others. Moreover, the feedback sheets that I gave to the students at the end of the presentation showed what they thought and understood about the educational approach of Reggio Emilia and I have to say that I was very touched by their very positive and quality feedback.